Occasional double vision after cataract surgery

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With a careful evaluation and accurate diagnosis, double vision can often be effectively treated. Double vision, also called diplopia, is either monocular or binocular. Monocular double vision is present in each eye separately. Binocular double vision is only present with both eyes open.If you find the sight in one of your eyes is showing double images, it may be a cataract, but fortunately, the state of optical surgery is so welldeveloped today, you can have a cataract removed in the course of an afternoon, and have clearer vision for decades to come. occasional double vision after cataract surgery

Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the use of Surgery for Cataracts: Dr. Andreason on double vision after cataract surgery: If the double vision is in just the operated eye, then the cornea or implant has a problem. If the double vision occurs only with both eyes open, then there is a misalignment issue.

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More than a week after cataract surgery, I still have blurred vision along with glare. I started with 2040 vision in that eye and a day after surgery I had 2025. How long can I expect to have these. How long will I have blurry vision and glare after cataract surgery? JUL 11, 2018.

Most of these problems disappear when the problem is resolved, like after cataract surgery or when the refractive surgery heals. More About Double Vision and Eye Structure Obviously, most of us don't expect to see double images.

The proper medical name for double vision after cataract surgery is diplopia. Ironically, diplopia can also occur prior to the procedure being performed. This side effect might mean that a surgical revision has to be made at a future date, or it can simply be something that passes after a short period.

Double trouble: Diplopia following cataract or refractive surgery. by Maxine Lipner Senior EyeWorld Contributing Editor: Keying in on conditions that can cause double vision. There are certainly patients who are more likely to have double vision after cataract surgery, Dr. Gunton said. I wanted to make sure that practitioners are aware

Vision Straight After Cataract Surgery. Most patients are back to normal activities the next day. Straight after surgery, patients will usually see in soft focus. The following day vision should be clearer. Some patients see the improvement in several hours, though most take 2448 hours.

It sounds as if you have a secondary cataract if your vision was good immediately after surgery. Most doctors want to give the eye 68 weeks for the eye to heal before removing a secondary cataract. This procedure is minor compared to what you went through before.

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Other Causes of Double Vision that Comes and Goes Aneurysm Nonruptured, it can cause intermittent double vision. Browns Superior Oblique Tendon Sheath Syndrome A form of eye misalignment (strabismus), an effective treatment is eye exercises. Cataract Surgery In a small percentage of patients, changes in ocular alignment can occur.

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