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How can the answer be improved?Adductor Magnus Muscle Anatomy: Origin, Insertion, Action, Innervation. The Trail Guide To The Body is another excellent book to help you learn the musculature of the human body. Though the book is geared toward massage therapists and physical therapist assistants, the book with its illustrations and text helps anyone gain a thorough understanding adductor muscles origin insertion action

Jan 26, 2015 The main action of the adductor group of muscles is to adduct the thigh at the hip joint. The adductor longus muscle also participates in externallateral rotation and flexion of the thigh.

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ORIGIN: long head ischium (tuberosity) short head femur (linea aspera); INSERTION: fibula (head); ACTION: flex knee, extend hip, laterally rotate tibia on femur, laterally rotate femur on hip, elevates trunk from forward bend at hip. Adductor femoris (CAT) Adductor magnus

adductor muscles origin insertion action innervation study guide by voortmeyersl includes 20 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.

The word adductor describes the action of these muscles. Adductor comes from the Latin words ad which means toward and ducere which means to lead. The second word in these two muscle names refers to the size of the muscle. The word brevis is a Latin word meaning short.

Adductor magnus muscle. The portion which arises from the ischiopubic ramus (a small part of the inferior ramus of the pubis, and the inferior ramus of the ischium) is called the pubofemoral portion, adductor portion, or adductor minimus, and the portion arising from the tuberosity of the ischium is called the ischiocondylar portion,

Adductor Longus Anatomy: Origin, Insertion, Action, Innervation. The musculoskeletal system is overlaid on human models allowing you to learn the precise location, origin and insertions of each muscle. The models are pictured in various poses throughout the book which also helps you visualize muscles in motion and their actions relationship with

ACTION ORIGIN INSERTION. Spinalis thoracis One side: lateral flexion of vertebral column Both sides: extension and hyperextension of vertebral column T11 to L2 T3 to T7 Rectus abdominis Compresses abdomen, flexes vertebral column Pubis crest and symphysis Xiphoid process, costal cartilage 5 to 7.

Attachments of Adductor Magnus: Origin and Insertion. Origin (proximal attachment): a. Oblique head inferior ramus of pubis& ischial ramus. b. Vertical head ischial tuberosity. Insertion (distal attachment): a. Oblique head gluteal tuberosity, linea aspera and proximal supracondylar line of femur. b. Vertical head adductor tubercle of femur.

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Anatomy and Supply. Adductor longus muscle has its origin at the superior pubic ramus and the pubic symphysis and insertion at the linea aspera. Distally it forms an aponeurosis extending to the vastus medialis muscle (vastoadductorial membrane).

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